Terms and Conditions for rallyschool.com.au – “Driving and ride experiences.”

1. Bookings
a)All RallySchool experience fees include GST and are non-refundable (see booking changes below).
b) Your booking, including Gift Certificates, and any changes are valid for 12 months.
c) Booking changes:
i. You may change your booked RallySchool experience up to at least 14 days before the original date;
ii. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate any change you request within 14 days of your scheduled RallySchool experience however this will be at our discretion and may incur change fees.
iii. If you suffer an injury or a medical condition before your scheduled RallySchool experience, you may transfer it to someone else
d) If you do not attend your booked RallySchool experience without requesting a change as outlined above, your booking will be forfeited.

2.Your responsibilities 
a) If you are having a RallySchool driving experience, then you must:
i. Be over the age of 17 and hold a current Australian driver’s licence (this must be presented before you drive);
ii. Be able to competently drive a manual gearbox, (except in NSW as we have introduced our Paddle shift/Auto option, and will roll out to other venues during 2018)
iii. Be no more than 196cm tall; and
iv. Weigh no more than 135kg (call us if you are around this and are unsure
b)If you are having a RallySchool ride/passenger experience, then you must be 10 years or older, we need you to be 30+kg to secure you in the car

3. Other requirements
a)You must wear long pants and enclosed shoes.
b)You must read and sign the RallySchool Indemnity form before starting your drive or ride experience.
c)You must attend the briefing session held prior to your driving or ride experience. Failure to participate in this briefing will forfeit your purchase.
d)If you are under 18 years of age, you must have the written consent of a parent or guardian to participate.
e)You must have zero blood alcohol concentration at all times.
f)RallySchool is not liable for any financial loss you may incur as a result of a drive or ride experience being cancelled or postponed,
g)If RallySchool reasonably believes you:
i) Have breached these Terms and Conditions;
ii) Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
iii) Are causing a disturbance or threatening the safety of anyone;
iv) Have damaged or are likely to damage the vehicles, equipment or other assets, then RallySchool may refuse you entry, request you leave, or, if necessary, restrain or remove you.

4. Cancellation and postponement 
a) While every effort is made to uphold scheduled track days, RallySchool may cancel or postpone a drive or ride experience on a particular day without notice due to:
i) Unsuitable track conditions (e.g. actual or potential damage from rain or other factors);
ii) Technical problems with or damage to vehicles or equipment; or<
iii) Other events beyond RallySchool’s reasonable control

5. Changes to services
RallySchool reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions, its services and prices without notice.

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