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Established in 1999, Rally School Australia has had the privilege of working with, employing and supporting some of the best characters and brands in the rally industry. All who have helped shape the unique Rally School experience into what it is today.

Our instructors are all past and current drivers and co-drivers, passionate about passing on real-world rally and performance driving techniques in every session.

Our team of instructors include Brendan Reeves, Jack Monkhouse, Molly Taylor,  Adam Casmiri, Ian Barratt and Bruce Garland . We are proud personal sponsors of Brendan Reeves.

Owner Mick Ryan is a qualified driving instructor with over 20 years of motorsport experience. Passionate about all things rally, Mick and his family are active in the industry’s competitive and charity events such as the World Rally Championships, Australian Rally Championships, and the Shitbox Rally and Mystery Box Rally charity events.


We’re open 50 weeks a year and operate in 6 locations across Australia so you’re bound to find a date and track that meets your needs.

We know choosing gifts can be hard so we’ve taken the stress out of the process with flexible vouchers, upgrades and transfers. Our gift vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Don’t confuse us with other operations who aren’t quite as accessible as us in these areas. If in doubt, reach out. We’ll always try to help if we can.


The range and quality of our cars is unrivalled. If you’re looking to impress a petrol head, this is perhaps the most important thing to know about the Rally School difference! All our cars have CAMS approved Safety Cages, and competition MCA Gold suspension.

Rally School’s range of cars includes 4WD Turbos, 2WD & a new range of automatic ‘Paddle Shift’ options. The Paddle Shift cars are a great option for those without a manual license. You can find a Paddle Shift option on the day at all NSW and VIC tracks. Ask us about the availability at your preferred track before you book in other States.

Our Subaru Imprezas are all STI specification and we are THE ONLY rally experience in Australia offering the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO.

We also offer the Rear Wheel Drive Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZs.

In our spare time, we build and race competitive rally cars, so you’re guaranteed our cars are tuned and driven to give you the closest feel to the real deal!


We’re all about rally here and the fact is to do it right, it’s not child’s play. We don’t let 12 year olds get behind the wheel and we don’t promise unachievable speeds like others do.

Safety is important to us. All of our cars feature CAMS approved safety cages, seats and harnesses. We have helmets for all sizes and EVERY experience kicks off with a full safety brief.

Our aim is to deliver a professional, thrilling experience in a safe environment. This has been rewarded with a 99% customer satisfaction rate, being the approved suppliers for national gift distributors and corporate brands.

We are also the commercial provider for ‘Rally Licence’ testing on behalf of CAMS and have chosen to supply guest rides for major sponsors at many Australian rally events.


Our customers are what make each day at the track unique. We love seeing surprised faces arriving with their friends and family, not quite sure what to expect!

We also love hosting group bookings, from buck’s and hen’s days, to 40th birthday bashes. Getting a group together for a day at the track is a great way to experience the Rally School and sample all the cars.

We offer corporate driving events too, and companies such as Colonial, Harvey Norman, IGA Supermarkets, BHP and Proctor & Gamble have all been with us.

For more behind-the-scenes insights into the Rally School experience, we welcome everyone to check out our social media and local Trip Advisor pages!

Rally School Australia | Experience Rally Driving
Rally School Australia | Experience Rally Driving
Rally School Australia | Experience Rally Driving
Rally School Australia | Experience Rally Driving

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